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We're launching Vann to help people with cancer: Interview with founder Ani Haykuni

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We sat down with Vann’s Founder Ani Haykuni, (a two-time cancer survivor) for a short chat ahead of the launch of Vann’s new platform. Vann is focusing on oncology and provides a community and support to people living with and beyond cancer. Vann also collects real world data on cancer through research studies and surveys with the aim of improving cancer research and cancer care. Hope you enjoy the read.

Q#1 - Ani congratulations to you and the team on the launch of Vann. How do you feel about it?

Thank you! I am very excited about the launch and more excited about what Vann will bring into the lives of people affected by cancer, as well as cancer research and care. We have worked very hard to get to this point.

Q#2 - How would you define Vann in a few words

Life, hope, unity, motivation and change

Q #3 - What is the story behind Vann?

In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and since then I’ve been on an incredible journey full of lessons, filled with personal and professional development. I learned a lot about issues and gaps in cancer care and research, and challenges that patients and their families go through.

I was very lucky to have my family, relatives and friends beside me throughout the whole period, and even had the support of thousands of people around the world. I have gone through several difficult treatments, experienced severe side effects, continued living my life to the fullest and have worked with hundreds of patients. I know however that not everyone has support when they need it most.

Back in 2016 after recovering from my chemotherapy treatments, I did promise to myself that I would do my best to help other people affected by cancer and pass on the love and attention that I received from my support network back to society and help find answers to many questions about this disease and I meant it.

I have been involved in charitable activities since 2016 through my charity, Ani Haykuni Cancer Treatment Support Foundation. In 2020, I founded Vann to help improve cancer care worldwide and contribute to cancer research. My team and I are committed to giving back to the society, and I'm happy to confirm that a proportion of Vann profits will be passed through to the Ani Haykuni Cancer Treatment Support Foundation to help people affected by cancer from low-income and poor families.

"Vann is life, hope, unity, motivation and change." – Ani Haykuni, Vann's founder

Q#4 - Can you tell us a little bit about Vann?

Of course! Vann is a digital platform designed for people affected by cancer. It provides a community, support and helpful information to our users who are either cancer patients or are in remission. The platform offers surveys and research studies inviting users be involved and contribute to cancer research.

We also offer an exciting tool, which can be used by literally anyone regardless of their health. Anyone can motivate and cheer up the day of someone affected by cancer in our community by dedicating a specific activity (eg a run) to them –this will lift their mood and remind them they are not alone.

We are patient-centric and we aim to communicate the needs of people affected by cancer, including those living with and beyond cancer with researchers and organizations that are involved in cancer research and drug development, such as Pharmaceutical and drug discovery companies.

Q #5 - Can you please elaborate more on how you will communicate the needs of people affected by cancer with research organizations, pharmaceutical companies and others in the industry.

Well, I believe that the patient should be actively involved in cancer research and the development of cancer treatments. Patients know more than anybody else what is happening to them, how they react to treatments, how cancer affects their quality of life and so on. So, the patients possess very important information, and their needs and feedback will need to be taken into consideration both during treatments and in the post treatment period.

We want to be a company that will help patients’ voices to be heard by others in the industry and be a bridge between them. Only then can we make a positive change. At the end of the day, we all want to be healthy, especially those of us that have cancer or had it before.

Thank you Ani for sharing your thoughts with our readers. Good luck on the launch. Waiting for great news and further updates on Vann.

Thank you so much and speak soon.

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