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Story behind VANN

'Giving up' has never been an option for me and it will never be, and may it never be an option for you either. Live your life to the fullest and go after your dreams. - Ani Haykuni

Ani's story went public in several countries. Read more here 

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VANN has been designed and developed in parallel with Ani's cancer treatments and has been tested with other patients and clinicians onsite at the hospitals, day treatment units and ambulance vehicles on the way to emergency departments. VANN is not just a platform, but a friend to every cancer patient. It combines the experiences and needs of cancer patients, clinicians and researchers into one innovative platform. We are here to improve cancer care and build a better future for all.


Ani Haykuni, Founder of VANN has been on cancer treatments since 2015 and has undergone two rounds of intensive treatments since then.

During this period she has suffered devastating side effects, including two near strokes, irregular blood pressure, strong arrythmia, stomach issues and more. She was not monitored outside of hospital, which made her journey even tougher. She is sadly not the only one as millions of cancer patients are currently living the same reality worldwide. This is the reason why Ani founded VANN. 

Ani is also the founder of Ani Haykuni Cancer Treatment Support Foundation, which she established in 2016. She has worked with hundreds of cancer patients since then.  

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